UK Survivors Sanctuary

Welcome to UKSS!

We're a revival of an old gaming community that started in the early days of the DayZ Mod for Arma 2. After a few years we've decided to setup again on Rust in the hopes of rebuilding the community and having a good time together. Feel free to join our Discord community here!

Our Rust servers are all lightly modded to keep that good ol' vanilla Rust feel but with some quality-of-life features and sped up gameplay to keep things interesting.

The store offers only non-P2W purchases visit it here! All purchases will help greatly towards server costs!


Better Loot

This mod is used to increase the component and scrap output to 2X.

Gather Manager

This mod increases the gather amount and total yield of resources.


We provide some basic kits on the server and to provide scrap via the Discord bot as a reward for joining our community.

Quick Smelt

We use Quick Smelt to reduce the total time required to smelt anything in game so that you can get back into the action quicker.

Stack Size

To match the increased gather rates we use the Stack Size mod so that you can grab more while out gathering resources.

Recycler Speed

The recycler speed has been slightly improved so you're not stuck waiting around for ages.

Time of Day

The time of day mod is used to decrease the amount of time spent in the pitch black while also allowing for people to be sneaky. Our current times are 30 minutes in the day and 5 minutes in the night.

VIP Mods

(VIP) Queue Holder

One of our VIP perks allows you to skip the queue. Also allows anyone to hold their position in the queue if they get disconnected.

(VIP) Sign Artist

Rather than spending forever creating your own signs or using Rustangelo to paint on signs you can now just copy and paste directly to signs.

(VIP) Quick Sort

A small quality-of-life feature that allows you to quickly sort loot into your storage.

(VIP) Furnace Splitter

A small quality-of-life features that automatically splits resources and trims fuel when you smelt things in a furnace.

(VIP) Enhanced Hammer

Enhanced hammer allows users to quickly upgrade their base with the hammer to the selected tier just by hitting the wall.

(VIP) Player Skins

Player Skins is a small in-game page that allows the user to reskin any of their weapons whenever they want to any skin available on the page.